A good vocalist can breathe life into a composer’s music in a way that no other instrument can. A great vocalist can become an extension of a composer’s voice and a medium to the music of their soul. Julie Elven is not only one of the most technically gifted musicians I have had the pleasure of working with both in the studio and on stage, she is also a warm and gentle soul that has brought my music to places I never imagined it going.
— Neal Acree, composer
The final piece of the puzzle was Julie Elven, who, after the first E3 trailer’s music received such an amazing response, became more or less the musical voice of Aloy.
— Joris de Man, composer - MCV Magazine
From the moment you meet Aloy as a child, Julie Elven’s voice is there to guide her, always present, even as Aloy has to endure the darkest moments of her journey.
— Playstation Europe
While 2017 saw a lot of excellent new themes among its game soundtracks, Joris de Man’s “Aloy’s Theme” brings a winning combination of simplicity, memorability, and heart, while Julie Elven’s expressive vocals give the melody its dynamic character.
— Video Game Music Online