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Julie Elven

Julie Elven is a soundtrack and filmscore vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Munich, Germany.

She has contributed studio vocals as a soloist to major video games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft - Legion, Honor of Kings, multiple Blizzard Entertainment game projects, Riot Games' League of Legends and more, and is the associated solo vocalist for the upcoming Tomb Raider - The Dark Angel album project. 

As a concert soloist, Julie has been featured with James Newton Howard, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, the North Netherlands Orchestra and the Málaga Symphony Orchestra as well as various ensembles and bands.

In 2017, Julie was selected by Hollywood composer James Newton Howard out of thousands of audition entries to perform his "The Hanging Tree" solo from The Hunger Games movie franchise with him and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra during his European tour concert in Vienna.

Julie has performed her original video game vocals live at numerous international events, including the Devcom Heroes Award Show during Gamescom 2019, the German Game Awards 2018Playstation Experience (PSX) Germany 2017, with World of Warcraft composer Neal Acree and the Málaga Symphony Orchestra at the Movie Score Málaga Festival in Spain, on tour with the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra at several concert venues in the Netherlands, and at promotion and launch events of the video games she's sung on. She was a featured speaker at SONOS’ 2018 event The Sound Of Gaming.

Julie Elven

The Horizon Zero Dawn music team has been nominated for a 2018 BAFTA - British Academy Games Award for Best Music for Horizon Zero Dawn.

The Main Theme from Horizon Zero Dawn, Joris de Man - Aloy's Theme featuring Julie's lead vocals received a 2018 Game Audio Network Guild - G.A.N.G. Award.

At the 2018 Annual Game Music Awards, Julie received an Outstanding Artist - Soloist of the Year nomination.

Julie Elven and composer Daniel Jiménez-Wall's Final Fantasy X collaboration, "Rozen - Battle for Spira feat. Julie Elven" received a 2017 Game Audio Network Guild - G.A.N.G. Award for Best Electro / Hybrid Remix.

Julie frequently features as a soloist on non-media music related albums and projects, spanning different genres from pop, electronic, to progressive, rock and metal styles - most recently on metal band Equilibrium’s latest album “Renegades”, released in summer 2019.

When she doesn't sing, Julie composes original music, which she records with her piano, violin and voice. 


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