release: League of Legends - Star Guardian Theme 2019


It's released!! ❤️ I'm so excited (ecstatic!) to share that I'm the vocal soloist on composer Edouard Brenneisen's stunningly beautiful score for the new League of Legends Star Guardian Theme 2019, "Scattered Stars" ✨

Watch me record the vocals here!


Julie records solo vocals for ASUS - Republic of Gamers

Julie Elven asus rog republic of gamers


So excited to finally share that I'm the vocal soloist on composer Weifan Chang's beautiful score for ASUS - Republic of Gamers' new cinematic, which was recently premiered at Gamescom ♥

I hope I can share the full cinematic soon!


Julie performs as soloist opening DevCom Award Show during GamesCom

julie elven devcom gamescom assassins creed elder scrolls online


My heart is full ♥ It's been such a wonderful experience to open the award show at DevCom during GamesCom in Cologne last weekend, accompanied by the beautiful Takano string quartet!

Photography credit: eosAndy -


Julie records studio solo vocals for

Tomb Raider - The Dark Angel


What an honor to be the vocal soloist of composer Peter Connelly's amazing Tomb Raider project, I've just finished the recordings and can't wait for you guys to hear!


Announcement - Julie featured as speaker at the official game music panel at Reeperbahn Festival Conference, Hamburg

julie elven


I'm so excited to share that I will be a featured speaker at the official video game music panel at Reeperbahn Festival Conference in Hamburg on September 20th! I'm looking forward to sharing more about my soundtrack and video game singing journey ♥


“Soaring High” (Feat. Julie Elven) - Michal Smorawinski - Chasing Miracles (Warner / Chappell Production Music)


"Soaring High" ♥  This track is very special to me, as I wrote the lyrics in addition to performing vocals. Remote recording vocal session for composer Michal Smorawinski’s amazing new album "Chasing Miracles", soon available for licensing through Warner/Chappell Production Music ♥


video game music concert with Noord Nederlands Orkest


Excited to share this special moment on stage with you ♥ Singing "I Was Born For This" from Austin Wintory’s JOURNEY game score with the North Netherlands Orchestra, conductor Frans-Aert Burghgraef and lovely student dancers at De Oosterpoort Concert Hall, Groningen, Netherlands.

Every time I get the chance to perform this piece, it feels deeply touching and transforming. The lyrics are in Latin, Old Greek, Old English, French and Japanese and the original version was performed by the incomparable Lisbeth Scott.

Filmed by the lovely Kiger Neko, thank you so much! ♥


Tomb Raider - The Dark angel Symphony Album available for preorder

Julie Elven - Tomb Raider The Dark Angel - Peter Connelly Soundtrack Album


Excited! The upcoming Tomb Raider - The Dark Angel Symphony album is now available for preorder ❤️ The album will be an orchestral reimagination of composer Peter Connelly’s iconic Tomb Raider scores, and will feature cellist Tina Guo and myself as soloists.


Concert Announcement - Julie Elven returns as Vocal Soloist for Noord Nederlands Orkest Video game music concert


I'm excited to share that I will join the Noord Nederlands Orkest again, this time as the vocal soloist of their show "Move It", where video game music meets orchestra meets dance! ♥

We will perform music from Horizon Zero Dawn, Journey, Assassin’s Creed, Destiny and Killzone.

Date: Saturday March 30th, De Oosterpoort, Groningen, Netherlands

Info & Tickets:

Photography credit: Mariska de Groot, Mariët Mons


Album Release - A World Of Color - End Of Silence


I’m excited to be a part of End Of Silence’s newly released epic music album, “A World Of Color” ♥


Sonos - The Sound of Gaming


I've had an amazing time at Sonos’ event Sonos - The Sound of Gaming speaking about my vocal recording process for games - an industry panel with German game legends and awesome humans Uke Bosse, Colin Gäbel and Hendrik Lesser ♥ Thank you Sonos for having me!

Photography credit: Fabian Vogl


Braden Barrie - In The Shadow (feat. Julie Elven)


It's here ♥ This is what happens when a pop artist and filmscore vocalist work together on a song. What a heart project it has been…. we poured our souls into this. Braden Barrie is one of the most talented, kind and creative individuals I know. 🎶


Julie Elven - Solo Vocalist for Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel

julie elven tomb raider the dark angel


I’m beyond EXCITED to finally share that I'm the solo vocalist behind Tomb Raider: The Dark Angel ♥

Composer Peter Connelly’s music is mesmerizing. Follow the Dark Angel Symphony and sign up to the newsletter here:


Cubebrush Interview with Julie Elven



Interview time ♥ I've recently sat down with Cubebrush to speak about my video game vocalist journey, singing for Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, performing with James Newton Howard, my inspirations and my biggest hurdle. 🎶


Ivan Torrent - Masters of Time (feat. Julie Elven)


Listen to Julie's solo vocals on "Masters Of Time", a new haunting and energetic track on composer and producer Ivan Torrent's latest Epic Music album, Immortalys.


Horizon Zero Dawn Score performed at "Playstation in Concert" 

- Royal Albert Hall -

Royal Albert Hall Playstation In Concert


During the "Playstation In Concert" world premiere at Royal Albert Hall, a part of the Horizon Zero Dawn score by composers Joris de Man and The Flight has been performed by the Royal Symphonic Orchestra, including an instrumental version of "Aloy's Theme", among other incredible game scores. ♥


BAFTA Games - British Academy Games Awards Ceremony 2018

BAFTA Games 2018 Horizon Zero Dawn Guerrilla Games


Performing in Munich at the German Game Awards the night before, I directly flew to London the very next day to attend the BAFTA Games Awards Ceremony on April 12th with the Horizon Zero Dawn composer team, as the soundtrack had received a BAFTA nomination. It's been a mind-blowing evening meeting amazing people and enjoying the incredible atmosphere. Seeing Guerrilla Games win "Best Original Property" has been wonderful to witness in person! ♥


Performance - German Game Awards Gala 2018

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images


What a night ♥ This evening, I had the pleasure to peform as the vocal soloist at the ceremony of this year's German Game Awards - Deutscher Computerspielpreis. It's been an amazing experience to perform the Horizon Zero Dawn main theme, as well as a piece from NieR Automata with a beautiful string ensemble.


BAFTA Nomination for Horizon Zero Dawn's Music Team



We just learned that Horizon Zero Dawn's music has been nominated for a BAFTA Award in the category "Best Music"! It is honestly so emotional and fantastic to see the soundtrack being honored in such a beautiful way.

As if that alone wasn't amazing enough, composer Joris de Man and his lovely wife Sam called me for my birthday today, and asked me to accompany Joris at the award ceremony on April 12th. I absolutely can't wait to attend the BAFTAs this year!


Horizon Zero Dawn Score LIVE at "Playstation in Concert" - Royal Albert Hall

Playstation in Concert - Royal Albert Hall - Horizon Zero Dawn Live
Royal Albert Hall


So amazing! Holy wow! ♥ On May 30th, the music from Horizon Zero Dawn will be performed live at the iconic Royal Albert Hall for the World Premiere of "Playstation in Concert" with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Amazing video game composer Jessica Curry will present the event.


Live Performance Announcement - German Game Awards Gala / Deutscher Computerspielpreis

dcp deutscher computerspielpreis german game awards


I'm excited to share that I will be the featured Awards Gala performer / Soloist at this year's German Game Awards (Deutscher Computerspielpreis)! I will be performing pieces from Horizon Zero Dawn and Nier Automata live with a beautiful string ensemble. This will also mark my first time attending a red carpet event! The Awards Gala will be filmed and streamed live on April 10th ♥


Video Game Music Interview - Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music Talk.jpg


It's been an absolute pleasure and so much fun to speak to the Film Scoring students of Berklee College of Music about my career, singing on games, Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft, the remote recording process, and more today. What a bunch of talented people! ♥


1 Year Anniversary - Horizon Zero Dawn



One year ago, Horizon Zero Dawn has been released to the world. Words can't describe how much it has meant for me to be on this journey of helping to bring this game to life with my voice on the score by Joris de Man, The Flight, Niels van der Leest and Jonathan Williams - alongside such amazing talent, my Guerrilla Games family. I will never forget the moment when Joris asked me to record a demo of his main theme vocal melody in 2015, and I could never have fathomed all that happened thereafter.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary ♥


G.A.N.G. Awards - Nominations for Horizon Zero Dawn

601157 (1024x695).jpg


Wow! The Horizon Zero Dawn soundtrack has been nominated in 8 major categories at this year's G.A.N.G. Awards - including Audio, Music, Sound Design, and Best Original Soundtrack Album! I feel so privileged to be a part of this fantastic score as a soloist on 17 of the pieces, composed by Joris de Man, The Flight, Niels van der Leest and Jonathan Williams. ♥


Annual Game Music Awards


Awards for Horizon Zero Dawn's music at the Annual Game Music Awards by Video Game Music Online!

I feel incredibly honored to be selected as the runner-up for Outstanding Achievement - Soloist of the Year. In addition, seeing the Main Theme, Joris de Man - Aloy's Theme featuring my lead vocals, win Best Main Theme for 2017 makes me really happy to see!

If that weren't enough already, the Horizon Soundtrack won Best Score - Cinematic / Orchestral. Furthermore, Joris de Man received the amazing Western Composer of the Year award.

Congratulations to all winners and nominees! ♥


Interview with "The Sound Architect" Magazine


I've recently sat down with Sam Hughes from The Sound Architect to speak about my career, singing on Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, the game concerts with the North Netherlands Symphony, joining James Newton Howard on stage, and more. I also disclose why I'm personally a horrible gamer. Thank you so much for having me Sam - it's been a delight talking to you! ♥

Full interview:


Video Game Concert Series with the North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra


For the past two months, I've been joining the Noord Nederlands Orkest as a soloist for a very special series of video game concerts. We've performed pieces from video games such as Witcher 3, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Journey - and of course my original vocals from the Horizon Zero Dawn score! The energy in the concert halls in Groningen, Utrecht and Leeuwarden and at Eurosonic festival has been amazing. I was especially touched that so many young gamers were in the audience. Thank you Merijn de Boer and Marcel Mandos from NNO for making this concert series a reality! ♥


"Battle for Spira" wins G.A.N.G. Remix Award

battle for spira rozen julie elven g.a.n.g. remix award


Wow! Composer Daniel Jiménez-Wall just shared that our collaborative FFX piece, "Rozen - Battle for Spira feat. Julie Elven", won a G.A.N.G. Award for Best Remix in the Electro / Hybrid category! Thank you Game Audio Network Guild! ♥


Horizon Zero Dawn Soundtrack voted "Soundtrack of the Year" by Playstation blog readers


Wow! 1.6 Million Playstation Blog readers participated in Sony Playstation's "Game of the Year 2017" poll - and Horizon Zero Dawn won not only Game of the Year, but also Soundtrack of the Year. I'm incredibly humbled and proud to be a part of this on Joris de Man's amazing score. Thank you Playstation Blog readers! ♥


Filmscore concert with Composer James Newton Howard


It's been an amazing experience and absolute honor to join Hollywood legend James Newton Howard as a soloist on his European tour at his concert at the Stadthalle in Vienna tonight! Singing the iconic "Hanging Tree" solo from the Hunger Games - a movie series that I've admired since I was a teen - has been nothing short of surreal. James is such a delightful and inspiring person to be around.

Thank you Maestro, for choosing me as your soloist ♥


James Newton Howard selects Julie as soloist for his Tour


Wow! Out of thousands of audition entries, Hollywood legend James Newton Howard chose me as the soloist for his European tour concert in Vienna. I'm speechless. James' music has been a huge influence on me developing a passion for film music, and to now be able to join him on stage seems just surreal. I can't wait to perform the iconic Hanging Tree solo with him and the amazing Czech National Symphony Orchestra next month! ♥